PhDX: Talent for the 21st Century

MDF is pleased to announce that our first PhDX fellows have begun work at their organizations for the Summer 2017 session.




Imani Sherman (pictured left) is a Human-Centered Computing doctoral student at the University of Florida in the Human Experience Research Lab. This summer, she is working for Free Press developing advocacy skills.


Brianna B. Posadas (pictured right) is a a PhD student in the Human Experience Research Lab at the University of Florida, spending her summer working with Upturn where her focus will be on advocacy research for public interest fights.


MDF's PhDX fellowship program aims to provide experience and support for young technologists of color with an interest in working for the public interest. By placing them at key organizations for summer, MDF hopes to simultaneously bring technological expertise into the public interest field and provide early career support for promising academics who want to use their skills for the greater good.