Border Crossing Protocol

At any given time, MDF staff are in possession of the following technologies, which are required for their positions, and fall under the required protocols and practices for our employees:

  • Chromebook or MacBook
  • iPhone 


These devices are owned by MDF and contain private work product & tradecraft not for public consumption. At a minimum we define work product and tradecraft to include any and all contacts, email, social media and documents relevant to the day-to-day operations of our organization and mission, and which impact the identify, safety and security of our clients, members or partners; clients, members, or partners include (but are not limited to) any of the staff, board members, contractors, grantees, contractors of any of our grantees, funding partners, and other unnamed individuals or organizations who are essential to MDF’s course of business and work practice.


As a professional responsibility to our clients, members, partners, and fiscal home, MDF has instructed staff to follow these border crossing protocols:


  • Each staff member will carry a “travel” device, whether laptop or cell phone. These devices have been stripped of all but the most basic tools and apps per organizational requirement
  • Each staff member will travel with a computer under the control of a U.S. based administrator who will disable access to their work platform. It is entirely possible, and indeed likely, that a staff member, even one who is compelled to share a password, will be unable to access the system
  • Each staff member is required to maintain possession of their computer, cell phone and other forms of technology at all times. Staff are prohibited from releasing possession of devices, information, tools, etc. to any individual, agency or institution in the process of a border crossing, whether domestic or global
  • Each staff member is prohibited from sharing any and all social media passwords or handles. This information is relevant to our course of business and is used to share or highlight work that is directly tied to our organizational mission, and could compromise the security or privacy of our clients and community of practice.


Last updated June 4, 2023