• Net Neutrality Video Trailer

    Net Neutrality Trailer

    Watch the trailer for MDF's net neutrality campaign video series

  • The Future of the Open Internet

    the open internet

    MDF's Founding Director Helen Brunner on the
    future of society and the open internet

  • Quantified Society Grants Announced

    Quantified Society Grants Announced

    Media Democracy Fund, Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundations
    are pleased to announce a grant awards for investigations of Big Data and society

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  • Open Internet Defense Fund


    We created the Open Internet Defense Fund to support organizations leading the campaign to restore and preserve net neutrality

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Funds and Initiatives

Our grants support a range of strategies, including research, communications,
organizing, litigation and policy advocacy.

Copyright Initiative

The Copyright Initiative supports a balanced approach to copyright that respects the needs of artists and consumers

Surveillance Fund

The Surveillance Fund supports work to combat oppressive overreach in corporate and government surveillance

Global Initiatives

MDF’s global initiatives enhance the participation of underrepresented people and regions in the internet governance process.

Rapid Response Fund

The Rapid Response Fund allows MDF to address threats and opportunities that can’t wait for the annual grant cycle


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