COVID-19 Grantee Actions and Advocacy

Arab American Institute


Article 19

  • 3/24 Article: "Coronavirus: Tech companies should use Manila Principles to manage misinformation"
  • 3/20 Article: "Covid-19: Surveillance must not be used as an excuse to entrench surveillance"


Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAAJ

  • Resources: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources to Stand Against Racism

Athena Coalition

  • Petition: “Tell Amazon: Give ALL Workers 100% Paid Leave NOW and Tell Us Your Plans”


Brennan Center for Justice

  • Resources: Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis


  • Petition: “Demand news outlets drop their paywalls and provide complete COVID-19 coverage for all people”

  • Petition: “Tell your state to protect communities most vulnerable to Coronavirus”

  • Press Release: “Coronavirus Poses Racial Justice Concerns In Every Aspect Of Society”

  • Press Release: "Criminal Justice Orgs Issue COVID-19 Demands, Action Plan to Protect 2.3 million Incarcerated People"

  • Campaigns: multiple petition drives and campaigns to protect frontline workers

  • Article: “How unemployment benefits could help keep you afloat if your job is impacted by coronavirus” 

Demand Progress

  • Petition: “Stop Wall Street from using the coronavirus to weaken regulations”

Fight for the Future

  • Website: “Stay at Home Fest.” A centralized calendar of all the great events / concerts / performances that are being moved online to slow the spread of COVID 19

Free Press

  • Petition: “Waive Internet and Phone Bills for At-Risk People and Stop Data Caps During the Coronavirus Crisis”

  • Article: “Anti-Asian Racism Is Spreading as Fast as the Coronavirus” 

  • Press Release: “Free Press Calls on Major Internet Providers to Waive Broadband Bills for At-Risk People and Stop Data Caps During the Coronavirus Crisis”

  • Press Release: "Free Press Action Plan 'Keeping Connected Amid Crisis' Proposes Policies to Meet COVID-19 Pandemic Communications Needs"

Institute for Local Self-Reliance 

  • Article: “How Will Broadband Networks Handle Quarantine Congestion?” 

  • Press Release: "Small Business Groups and ILSR Release a Federal Policy Plan to Save Small Businesses From Collapse"

Leadership Conference Education Fund

  • 3/19 Press Release: "Coronavirus and Beyond: Emergency Response Depends on Accurate Census Data"

Media Mobilizing Project

  • Statement on a Philadelphia City Council resolution to encourage Comcast to provide access to wifi nodes, relax data caps, and stop disconnects and late fees

  • Action: Email the courts NOW to demand they release those in jail during COVID-19


Muslim Advocates

  • 3/19 Press Release: Trump & Cornyn’s Coronavirus Racism Puts Asian Americans in Danger

National Congress of American Indians

  • 3/18 Press Release: "NCAI  Calls for More Attention to COVID-19 Impacts in Indian Country"


National Consumer Law Center

  • Article: “Repaying Student Loans Amid COVID-19 Outbreak”

  • Paper: “Covid-19 Pandemic Requires Federal, State and Municipal Action to Stop Involuntary Utility, Water, and Telecommunications Shut-offs”

  • Resources: Covid-19 & Consumer Protections

  • Press Release: "Major Consumer Protections Announced in Response to COVID-19"

National Digital Inclusion Alliance 


Open Markets Institute

  • 3/21 Article: Open Markets Calls for Ban on Takeovers by Large Corporation and Funds for Duration of Crisis


Public Knowledge

  • 3/20 Article: Want to Keep America Home? Give Everyone Free Basic Broadband
  • 3/12 Article: Tech Policy Is a Public Health Issue


Tor Project


United For Respect

  • Petition: Demand Congress pass paid sick leave legislation to protect all American workers.